Taunton Youth Soccer
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Taunton, MA 02780
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Title Name Email Address Term End
President Phil Knorr president@tysl.us Dec 2014
Vice President VACANT vice.president@tysl.us Dec 2013
Treasurer Dave St. Yves treasurer@tysl.us Dec 2013
Registrar Pedro Botelho registrar@tysl.us Dec 2014
Myricks Field Manager Webb Lewis myricks.field.manager@tysl.us Dec 2013
Martin Field Manager John DeSantis martin.field.manager@tysl.us Dec 2013
Equipment Manager Butch Rogers equipment.manager@tysl.us Dec 2013
Education Coordinator Roger Caramelo education.coordinator@tysl.us Dec 2014
Spring Director VACANT spring.director@tysl.us Dec 2014
Pre-K Director Paula Knorr pre-k.director@tysl.us Dec 2014
Director of Elementary Div. 1 Nelson Alves elementary.director1@tysl.us Dec 2014
Director of Elementary Div. 2 Matt Adams elementary.director2@tysl.us Dec 2013
Director of Intermediate Div. Matt Moreton intermediate.director@tysl.us Dec 2014
Director of Boys Middle School Div. Roger Caramelo boys.middle.director@tysl.us Dec 2014
Director of Girls Middle School Div. Greg Gay girls.middle.director@tysl.us Dec 2013
General Secretary Angela Almada general.secretary@tysl.us Dec 2014
Recording Secretary David Martinez recording.secretary@tysl.us Dec 2014
Webmaster Mark Worden webmaster@tysl.us Dec 2014

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